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What is PTC sites

What are PTC sites94135774_3396062023757133_6710767541075050496_n

Are you wondering what PTC sites are? In this article, I will give you a quick overview of what PTC sites are and how you can profit from them.

What are PTC sites?

PTC stands for Pay To Click. Basically, those sites act as middlemen between advertisers and the members of the site. Advertisers are seeking for traffic to their site so they pay a PTC site to show their advertisements to its members. Members are getting paid for visiting those websites. 

Are PTC sites free to join?

Yes, PTC sites are free to join. That is why they provide the easiest way to start earning online. Anyone can start earning with them as long as he has a computer and an online connection. You should avoid sites that are asking for money to join or to let you withdraw.


What are the rules for joining a PTC site?

PTC sites have some rules that you should obey if you want to participate. Every site has its own rules that are stated in their TOS (Terms of Service)  but the most common are listed below:

  • One account per person. You should not create multiple accounts with the same ID. Using false information is prohibited and you cannot transfer your account to another person. Also, only one account per IP and household is allowed. You should avoid logging in from publicly accessible spots (libraries, internet cafes, etc.). Finally,  the use of a VPN is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not use automated software for clicking. PTC sites are very strict about that and you will not be able to get your account back if you violate this rule.  Many PTC sites have an anti-bot ad and if you click that you may lose part of your money or even worst your account. Those ads are clearly marked so you should be careful and not click on them.
  • Only click from a PC or laptop. Even if that is not stated on many TOS’s as a problem you should click from your PC in order to be 100% safe.
  • Do not spam the forum. Every site has rules for posting in their forum. You must obey them if you are going to post in there. Also, you should not leave negative comments about the site in other forums if you want to keep your account.
  • You can’t change your referrer.Once you have signed in under a specific person you can’t change that. Therefore, you should be careful to join a site under a person that you want. 
  • In most sites, you should have verified e-wallet accounts in order to receive your money. Also, on every PTC site payments are not refundable. Every site has its own minimum threshold for cashout.
  • Paid referrals. You should not get referrals from sites that are selling them or your account will be terminated. Also, you must avoid spamming or be forcing people to join under your referral link. All your referrals must come from genuine efforts and traffic such as a blog, advertising, etc.
  • Every site has some strict rules about the content that you can advertise using their services. Those restrictions are clearly stated in their TOS.
  • At every PTC site, your account will be terminated after a period of inactivity. That period differs from site to site. Read carefully if don’t want to lose your account or money.

Those rules may seem strict but they are essential for a PTC site to stay online and pay its members. If you follow those rules in most cases you will not have a problem. Even if after all you have your account terminated you should contact the site admin and if the site is legit you will get a proper answer or even better a solution to your problem.

Is there an affiliate program on PTC sites?

Of course, there is. In fact, getting referrals is the fastest and most stable way to earn from PTC sites. Except from direct referrals (members who join through your affiliate link), many sites are offering the possibility to their to rent referrals. You should be very careful when renting referrals as in most cases they will cost you money if you don’t know what you are doing. 

How much can I earn from PTC sites?

That depends a lot on your country of origin, the effort that you put on a site, your investments, and the number of referrals that you get.

Generally, you can earn from a few cents to few bucks from a PTC site every day. You will not get rich but it’s an effortless way to start making money online.

How will I get paid from PTC sites?

You will be paid through e-wallets and bitcoins. Every site has a different minimum payout and you can only request for payment when you reach that amount.

Can I advertise on PTC sites?

The nature of PTC sites is to sell advertising. You can use them to send tons of traffic to your website or affiliate link. I have to warn you though that the quality of traffic that you are getting is not that good. The best way to use this traffic is to promote other PTC sites as those who are viewing the ads are already members of a PTC site and are more likely to be interested in your offer.

Are there any scam PTC sites?

Unfortunately, the PTC world is flooded with scam sites. In fact, only a few PTC sites are genuine. That’s why I suggest that you join the sites that you can find on my best PTC sites list.

Some key characteristics of scam PTC sites are:

  1. High earnings promise.
  2. Many Self-sponsored ads.
  3. High upgrade levels.
  4. Asking for money to let you click ads or withdraw.
  5. No active forum.
  6. Domain is similar to other famous sites.
  7. Not a unique script or using a free script.
  8. Not having clear Terms of Service (TOS).

If you notice some of these in a site that should ring a bell on how legitimate the site is.


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